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  • Welcome to Bob Dry Illustration, an oasis of fine hand and pixel crafted images. Browse through my portfolio and view work that has helped clients achieve their marketing and editorial goals. If you’re curious about how a unique illustration would breathe life into one of your projects, let’s chat.
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I’ve worked in the creative industry for many years. As an illustrator I’ve drawn for The Izaak Walton League, Nature’s Delight, Campbell Magazine, Corona and Modelo Beers, and a few others.

my mug

My illustration style combines the sincerity of drawing with the vibrancy of digital color application. With each new project I enjoy the challenge of illustrating an idea with a purpose and working through the creative process with a client to create something wonderful.


I'm inspired by our species. Relationships make us who we are and my work tends to be more human focused as a result, with the occasional potato. I'm a kid of the 80's so comic books and cartoons made a huge visual impact growing up and learning to draw. My family, my roots, filled with stories from the people who raised me are also a rich source for the things I create.

my grandfather, Cloniger – floating on the family pond, reading his paper