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  • Welcome, take a look around. I have lots of nice drawings to share. If you’re curious about how a unique illustration would breathe life into one of your projects, let’s chat.
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I’ve worked in the creative industry for many years. As an illustrator I’ve drawn for The Izaak Walton League, Nature’s Delight, Campbell Magazine, Corona and Modelo Beers and a few others.

my mug

My illustration style combines the sincerity of drawing with the vibrancy of digital color application. I enjoy a good taco, a good pint and the challenge drawing presents each time I take a seat at the drafting table.


I'm inspired by our species, how we get along and how we don't. Being a kid of the 80's – cartoons, comics and vhs had me dreaming big well before everything went digital. Patterns in the natural world, the beauty and detail found on a good hike and my wonderful family inspire me too.

my grandfather, Cloniger – floating on the family pond, reading his paper